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Some Fans Are Not Very Happy With Disney’s Casting Choice For Princess Jasmine


So, Disney is on its way to make the world of “Aladdin” a reality in its adaption of the movie. While a lot of fans are excited for this highly anticipated film, some seem to be upset by the “poor” choice in casting.

Naomi Scott was the one selected to play the role of Princess Jasmine which was a choice that popped the question to many people “Why an actress of British and Indian descent was cast instead of an Arab?”


In the Disney’s 1922 version of “Aladdin,” Agrabah was originally meant to be set in Baghdad, Iraq. So, at least Agrabah should be located somewhere in the Middle East. That’s the opinion of many.

As for Naomi Scott, you might recognize her from the “Power Rangers” film where she played the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. There is no doubt that she has some amazing acting skills and also can dance and sing which are necessary requirements for the role.

Since “Aladdin” will be a musical, Disney was looking for the whole package and we understand that. They were asking for actors between age 18 and 25 who can sing and dance.


According to some sources, Disney was having trouble finding the actors to play the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine. They announced the final cast of the film four days later at D23 Expo.


As for Al, he will be played by the Egyptian-born actor named Mena Massoud while Genie will be played by the one and only, Will Smith. Some believe that the casting of Scott is a proof of continued inequality in the film industry. The release date of “Aladdin” has not been announced yet.



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