Alan Carr Dressed As Gemma Collins For Halloween

Check Out Alan Carr’s Gemma Collins Halloween Costume For This Year!


Halloween came and went, and all we’ve got to show for is just a lot of mess from all the partying and a lot of funny Instagram posts.

With this year’s biggest pagan ritual gone, let’s have a moment and appreciate the celebrities who would win the hypothetical ‘Best Halloween Costumes of 2017’ competition if there was one. Is there, though? Unilad says yes, and here are the results!

Alan Carr takes the cake – pun intended. He showed up at the Jonathan Ross’ annual Halloween ‘superstar’ party dressed up as none other than TOWIE‘s famous Gemma Collins.

Check Out Alan Carr's Gemma Collins Halloween Costume For This Year!

Gemma has given us a lot of fond memories lately, what with falling off the stage perfectly in time to the Titanic theme song, donning a mesh swimsuit like a diva and even proudly waving the flag for plus size fashion.

Now, how can you switch that to the horror genre? Leave it to Alan – he donned a shoulder-padded peach dress, which Gemma wore this summer apparently inspired by Lady Gaga. You can see how that turned out.

Rocking my inner Lady GAGA tonight 🙌🏻 @gerdatruubon xxx

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The diamante details glared and glittered, blinding everyone who dared look at the bespoke Gerda Truubon dress.

On the downside, women can’t have a sense of style without public scrutiny even in 2017, and sadly Gemma got the viral treatment.

Twitter was brutal:

Turns out Alan had the right idea of terrible. The shoulder pads got stopped by the Twitter fashion police so many times that some even compared the costume to Adam Sandler’s get-up in Waterboy. Some even claimed GC was the new NFL quarterback superstar.

The much-beloved reality TV star of The Only Way Is Essex doesn’t have it easy after Alan Carr applied a little dark eyeshadow and faux blood.

Alan Carr I 💖 you this is pure jokes ha ha ha made my night x dressing up as me what an honour 🎃👻🎃

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But GC was unfazed and saluted the parody, here’s what she said on Instagram:

“Alan Carr I [heart] you this is pure jokes ha ha ha made my night x dressing up as me what an honour”

But all the fun didn’t stop there, as many other British celebrities were also in attendance. Here’s a rare photo of Ed Sheeran and his girlfriend dressed as pimps in pink.

London Celebrity Sightings - October 31, 2017

Wearing long pink faux fur coats and matching Timberland boots, Ed and his partner in crime looked like sugar-coated Bonnie and Clyde.  The cherry on top was the pink fedoras, Ed’s gangsta cane and heavy gold chain.

Who could top that, though? But of course, Holly Willoughby, who arrived in her amazing unicorn costume which she had shown earlier in the day on This Morning.

Watch her trick her co-workers in the clip below, it’s hilarious:

The party was essentially a DIY on how to come up with a great costume with just a little preparation. And some keen sense of fantasy, of course. And being a celebrity.

But hey, here’s a New Year’s resolution – top these celebrity costumes for the next Halloween!

Source: unilad

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