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GRWM Video With Body Positivity Advocate Alexandra Airene


It is time for another GetReadyWithMe video, and this time we bring you the wonderful Alexandra Airene who runs the popular Youtube channel LearningToBeFearless. Because that is what all of us need a little bit more of: less fear and more self-confidence to be who we really are, no matter what that is. And how do you achieve that? With a good GRWM!

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Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, Alexandra is a plus-size model who loves makeup and makes it a central part of her channel’s experience. LearningToBeFearless, however, is about much more than makeup, with its content both diverse and entertaining. You will find everything from pet videos to grocery hauls, from home decor to body maintenance, even candid videos about relationship experiences and life issues.

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Permeating it all, however, is Alexandra’s body positivity and infectious charm. So more than just getting ready with her, this fun vlogger might actually teach you how to love yourself more (and laugh more in the process). Because it’s never too late to learn to be fearless.

Check out the GRWM video below and make sure to check the Bostonian’s channel for more educational and fun content you might want to follow.


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