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Allie Gardiner Shows Us A Clean, Natural, Everyday Makeup Look


The way we wear makeup can vary. It just depends on the mood, the products we own, but most of all, it depends on the occasion that we’re wearing that makeup for.

If it’s a special occasion, it’s probably a good idea to go bold and try some unique colors. Some people like to keep it simple with a brown/bronze-ish palette, while others just go all out and use a colorful palette which definitely makes them stand out a bit more.

If your intention is just simply to look better and healthier every day, then you probably don’t need to go crazy with the makeup.

If you’re stuck on ideas for an everyday makeup look, then fear not, Allie G is here to help you out.


Frankly, with a name like Allie G, I was expecting her to dress in tracksuits and drive a brightly colored Renault 5 on the streets of a suburban London neighborhood (let’s see how many of you will get that reference!), but that’s just me.

On a more serious note, Allie Gardiner has done a very good job on this everyday makeup look. You can still tell she’s wearing makeup, but it looks natural, it does what makeup was design to do: heighten the attractiveness of a lady.

I think this look is definitely worth a try, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source:Allie Gardiner

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