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Alpine Models Dance Awkwardly At The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show In Thailand


Dancing is life. It is something that many people do to relieve their stress. Couples prepare a lot to learn their moves before their wedding day, and this couple who wanted to recreate the famous Dirty Dancing scene, even ended up in the hospital. Yeah, too bad, but you really need to know your moves. The models in the video below seem to have no clue of what they are doing, dancing at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show. The Tokyo-based car company hired these models to promote a new car and dance it out. The results were somehow disturbing and the video got both positive and negative criticism.

The responsibilities of promotional models fall almost entirely into the categories of “stand there and look pretty,” but some people take it too far. These models were required to dance and their awkward moves confused a lot of people.

Japanese car audio and navigation manufacturer Alpine came to Thailand for the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show. The company decided to showcase its products with the well-known method including a couple of posters, a display car, and dancing young models.

Even though they had the idea to get a lot of attention, they did expose some female flesh and got some backlash.

The models seem to be struggling to dance on their high heels and short dresses. Their breasts are more than visible, and the costume designer probably made a huge mistake. The shoulder straps of their dresses are constantly slipping off. Is this an additional eye-candy to all this nonsense?

At the 1:20 mark, the cameraman zooms in on a fifth dancer, making her the only one visible.

On YouTube, the video got more than a thousand comments, and some people are pretty confused on what’s going on,

One commenter said: “wonder how they dance when they’re drunk”

Watch the whole video below:


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