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Alternative Tool For Your Curls


The urge to have something we don’t have is characteristic we should not  be ashamed of. In fact is something that make us to be creative, inspires us, and we are coming up with life changing inventions. Many styling gadgets and tools were invented by someone driven by this urge. Curling  iron was invented because the ones with strait hair like to have curly hair. But how to satisfy your need to have curly hair if you don’t have curling iron.

It easy. If you like to have flirty look with curly texture and you have strait hair  first  most important rule is to always take care your hair is healthy , clean and shiny.  Second important thing is to follow our advice step by step.

You can use dry shampoo and smoothing mousse to achieve clean and shiny look. It will effect the final result a lot. Before you begin ironing apply thermal protector on your hair. It will prevent any deep damage on your hair caused by the heat of the flat iron.
Then, you will need two more hair products – thermal protector and stylizing mousse. The thermal protector is needed to prevent any deep damage of the hair, caused by the heat of the flat iron. The  stylizing mousse will hold the curls last longer. You need this because your strait hair  will try to get straight again if there isn’t any holding product. Its up to you to decide will you apply  the stylizing mousse on the whole hair, or you will do that on each hair  layer  before the  ironing.
Clip a strand between the claws of the flat iron and twist the flat iron as it is shown in the picture down below. Begin  at the roots and slowly move forward while repeating the same steps on the whole length of the strand.
You can choose if you like to do this on your whole hair, or you will curl just several strands.  Any way you have to do it strand by strand. Use setting hair spray at the end  two or three times, and wait for each layer of hair spray to dry before you apply the next one. Don’t touch your hair a lot because it can get straight again.
Have fun!



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