This Is Why There Are Always More Yellow Skittles In A Bag

Editorial Credit: Ekaterina_Minaeva /

Fight for Skittle equality!

But really, have you ever wondered why there are always more yellow Skittles than any other color in the bag? Is this fair in the Skittle society? Do other Skittles protest?

Skittles yellow

The video shows you what happens during the Skittles packaging process. Spoiler alert: the hoppers that contain each individual color are invaded by these little yellow infiltrators.

Source: Scott Viau


There was a full discussion over this on Reddit as well. People love their red Skittles and are pretty angered to have been denied their full rainbow. The comment on ‘Unilad’ was even

“Look at those evil little yellows sneaking into my prize reds…”

Nevertheless, Skittles rule. We’d have them every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, yellow invaders or not.

How do you feel about this? Will it turn into a cause close to your heart? Do I sense a #SkittlesEquality hashtag?


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