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13 Quirky Facts About Alyson Hannigan From ‘How I Met Your Mother’


If you are an eternal fan of How I Met Your Mother, you probably remember your favorite on-screen couple: Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan who played Marshall and Lily. 43-year-old Alyson is also famous for playing Willow on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her role in American Pie, but there are things about her that you probably don’t know yet. Here are some quirky facts about this talented actress.

1. Songs Alyson Hannigan by Juvenile Wreck and This One Time by The Malcolm Effect were both written about her


“This One Time” is actually a reference to her famous line from American Pie: “This one time, at band camp…”


Source: Pinterest

2. She was the one who made creator Joss Whedon listen to her Buffy theme song suggestion and he eventually chose it!


Source: Whedon

3. Her character on Buffy said that she used to write Doogie Howser, M.D. fan fiction when she was young

Neil Patrick Harris, who is her co-star on HIMYM, played teenage physician Doogie Howser on the medical comedy-drama series that ran between 1989 and 1993! That’s so cool!


Source: Buffy Wiki

4. Alyson was the only one of the cast members on HIMYM with no musical number

“I begged them not to make me. Yeah, singing has never been something that I wanted to do publicly. It’s actually like a phobia,” she admitted.


Source: Once Upon a Wife Life

5. Alyson broke down in tears when she talked about saying goodbye to her on-screen husband Jason Segel

“He’s just such a wonderful guy, she said. I’m not good at answering this question at all. I’m on a daytime talk show crying, this isn’t how it’s supposed to go.”


Source: Bustle

6. HIMYM production fired her real-life daughter from the show because she was too old

“They fired my kid from that role. She was gonna be the baby, but producer Carter Bays was like, ‘Nope. She’s too old,’ and she got replaced.”


Source: Us Weekly

7. Alyson wasn’t the original Willow in Buffy

The production filmed scenes with another actress but realized she wasn’t good for the role.


Source: Buffy Wiki

That’s when they found Alyson and she completely nailed the audition!


8. Alyson and Sarah Michelle Gellar are very good friends


Source: E! Online

9. Alyson’s husband, Alexis Denisof, played Sandy Rivers on HIMYM

He was the morning news anchor who worked with Robin and had a crush on her! That’s hilarious.


Source: Fanpop

10. Alyson became famous because of American Pie

Interestingly, she said that she will first have to explain everything to her daughters before they see the movie.


Source: Hot Flick

Which will probably be an awkward conversation…


11. She was pregnant twice while on HIMYM

With the first pregnancy, the creators didn’t want Lily to be pregnant on the show, so they hid the baby bump with random props!

“I hid behind a globe or some popcorn,” Alyson revealed.


Source: How I Met Your Mother Wiki

12. She has another weird connection to HIMYM co-star Bob Saget

The 43-year-old used to babysit Saget’s kids when she was a teenager!


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13. Alyson’s secret talent is doing crazy things with her feet

For example, she can tie her shoes with her toes!


Source: Ouch Press

Don’t you just love her?


Here‘s the cast of Buffy, 20 years after the first episode.

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