Amazing Looking Flowery Desserts To Impress Your Guests

Amazing Looking Flowery Desserts To Impress Your Guests


Adilicious is a food YouTube channel dealing with desserts, ran by a trained pastry chef from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.

In this video, we are going to learn how to make a very quick and simple chocolate flower which can be used for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

It requires very few ingredients and kitchen appliances.


Compound White Chocolate/Candy Melts

Any Candy Colour of choice ( oil based colors)

Sugar Pearls




Small Spoons

Parchment Paper


Melt the compound white chocolate in the microwave for thirty seconds. You want it nicely melted.

desserts 1

Next, color the chocolate. Divide the mass into three bowls. We are going to color the chocolate into three different shades: yellow, purple and pink. Use candy colors to color the chocolate.

Add a drop of color in the bowl and mix it using a spoon or a toothpick until you are happy with the color. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the colors.

desserts 2

Now, use a tissue roll, specifically the center of it. We are going to use it to shape the petals. Cut it into two so you’d have two, same-shaped parts of roll. We are also going to use two small spoons with flat handles.

On a strip of parchment paper put a dollop of the, previously colored, melted chocolate. Using the back of the spoon spread the melted chocolate. Spread it in three strokes, one in the center and two from the sides. Make five more petals in the same exact manner.

desserts 3

Place the parchment paper strip on the one half of the paper roll. Pop it in the fridge for ten minutes.

Make five more petals, only bigger this time.

Now repeat the whole procedure all over again with the rest of the colors.

Once you’ve got them out of the fridge, the petals will slide easily from the paper.

The Finish!

To assemble the flowers, put a dollop of the melted chocolate on a little square piece of parchment paper. Stick the larger petals first, add a little more chocolate in the center of the flower to stick the smaller petals to it.

desserts 4

Add some more chocolate to stick the sugar pearls in the center of the flower.

desserts 5

Pop it in the fridge to freeze. Repeat the same procedure to make the remaining flowers.

desserts 6

Once done, place the flowers on top of your cupcakes. There you go, chef!


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