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12 Amazing Kitchen Additions You All Should Get Immediately


You’ve created your perfect kitchen, everything is where it is supposed to be – visible, available, accessible. Yet, after some time, you begin to notice things. You wish you did this or that differently. Not to worry, here are some kitchen hacks that do not require complete remodeling of the kitchen, and most of the time cost next to nothing. These additions will really mesmerize you.

1. Sponge tip-out drawer

The fake drawers in front of the sink are mainly installed for continuity of design. But they almost never serve some practical purpose. Time to change that – adapt them to storage space which should be big enough for your sponges & co. It’s practical and tidy at the same time.


Source: Anne Hepfer

2. Utensil storage

The drawer for the utensils is by a rule of thumb almost always messy. Why not dedicate a different storage solution for it, and get rid of all the clutter? This design allows for more visibility, apart from instant access to your favorite salad tongs.


Source: houzz | WoodWorks INC.

3. Island power supply

Your first though – how did I live without this? It seems irreplaceable now, and we know it is. An upgrade so practical, you want to tell all your friends about it immediately!


Source: houzz | Jill Jordan

4. Stove spice drawer

Spices should be available immediately when you think you need them. What better place for them then under the stove top. A marriage made in kitchen heaven, and one of our favorite additions.


Source: Anne Hepfer

5. Chopping block drawer

Pull, cut, clean, replace. This mock drawer that stands in as a chopping block can also be removed, for easier cleaning. The hole in the middle for immediate disposal of waste is the bonus we all deserved, but never got.


Source: The Farm Chicks

6. Pantry with pull-out shelves

The pantry should always be neatly ordered. Digging through it is a serious no-no nowadays. That’s why these pull-out shelves come to the rescue, bringing a smile to your face in the process.


Source: Remodelando la Casa

7. Secret power outlet in drawer

Another one for the modern day: charge your phone or tablet while making that perfect souffle. Because nothing gets on my nerves more than empty battery while I’m mid-recipe.


Source: flickr | BeaglesDoItBetter

8. Rotating sink

How nobody though of this earlier is probably one of kitchen’s great mysteries. Wash, dry, cut, dispense: do-it-all kitchen area.


Source: Architecture Admirers

9. Storage cupboard for the mixer

There  comes a time in your life when you ask yourself – do I really need this big mixer? See, if you had this dedicated storage space, that question will never pop up in your mind. Slide that mixer in, and forget about it until the next pancakes. As you might imagine, this is also applicable to other big kitchen machines too.


Source: At Home Arkansas

10. Secret kitchen-garage service door

For those of us living without house help, bringing in groceries from the garage to the kitchen after the weekend shopping is also a fitness exercise – doing so many repetitions. Well, now having a hidden door from the garage to the kitchen will free up some time for a real jog in the park.


Source: houzz | E Builders Homes

11. A drawer to hang your pots

There are many neat and elegant solution for storing your pots and pans. This one is a favorite of many, since it’s super cool and improves convenience and visibility. It is also very sophisticated use of space, one of those additions you always dreamed about.


Source: Hardware Hut.com

12. In-counter power bar

Another power outlet, because gone are the days of hand-mixers, churners and choppers. You need power for almost everything now. And also having this in your counter is another way of telling your mother her whisking duties are no longer required. Press it down when not using it, the rubber sealing ring will stop that spilled milk from bringing tears to the electrician.


Source: Mockett
Main image via At Home Arkansas
Collage images via 1. houzz / E Builders Homes 2. flickr / BeaglesDoItBetter
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