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Amazing Photos Show Kids And Parents Look Like Twins


Have you ever been shocked by people telling you they are not siblings, but parents and children? Sometimes children look so much like their parents that it is just unbelievable. It is also fun to look at. You immediately start wondering yourself – where is the other parent? What do they look like? Do they have another sibling that looks the same? These pictures below will blow your mind at the striking similarities between parents and their children.

Science knows that it takes two people to make a baby, but it happens that the genes of one parent can be more dominant. Therefore, the newborn ends up being an exact copy and paste version of one of their parents. Sometimes it is even funnier when the other parent is strikingly different. This compilation of kids and parents is a photo session. The kids and their parents are being photographed at the same age in order to notice the differences. They look like twins!

Here you can convince yourself of the striking similarities:

1. Father and son, both 20 years old



2. Father and daughter are strikingly similar


Source:Corin Kane

3. Father and son, wearing similar outfits



4. Mother and daughter



5. His father passed away when he was 4, but he left all of his features to his son



6. Father and son, both at the same age, wearing the same shirt


7. Father and daughter

#7 Father And Daughter

Source:Clare Reed Rossetto

8. Father and son

#8 Father And Son

Source:Jen Gevy

9. Mother and daughter

#9 Mother And Daughter

Source:Rachel Cross

10. A dad in 1976 and his son in 2012

#10 My Dad In 1976 And Me In 2012


11. Father and son at the same age

#11 Father And Son At The Same Age


12. A grandson and his grandfather

#12 My Husband And His Grandfather

Source:Kelley Ponto

13. Mother and daughter, both age 25

#13 My Mother And I, Both Age 25


14. Mother and daughter

#14 Mother And Daughter

Source:Ammie Thakkar

15. Grandfather and grandson

#15 Me And My Grandfather


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