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20 Amazing Portraits That Will Definitely Grab Your Attention


A portrait is one of the most commonly used techniques for both photography and art. It’s essentially taking a close-up photo or painting an intricate picture of someone’s face. While a lot of us can make a portrait, there are those talented artists and photographers who make some properly stunning works of art (literally). I mean, can you imagine your face on an intricate, detailed and incredibly realistic portrait? Wouldn’t it be amazing?

And of course, a good portrait can stop us dead in our tracks when we look at them at a museum or gallery, and these portraits compiled by YouTuber Muhammad Waqas will certainly keep you looking.

portraits 1

I mean, just look at that one there! Stunning

Now, at this point, I would talk about the creator of the video, but there’s nothing really to say. This channel has 0 subscribers and the video here was created with the YouTube Slideshow Creator tool, so there’s not that much I can say on the matter.

What I can comment on are some of the portraits that he has put into the slideshow for the viewers’ enjoyment.

I mean, just check out this guy touching heads with an elephant’s trunk

It’s really powerful, isn’t it?

portraits 2

Or how about this elderly lady giving a love-filled hug to her adorable cat?

portraits 3

I wouldn’t exactly be doing you a favor if I spoiled any of the other portraits he shows in the video, so it would be best if you just check out all of them below:

Let us know in the comments which one of these was your favorite!

Source:Muhammad Waqas

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