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These Pairs Of Shoes Definitely Deserve A Spot On Your Shoe Rack

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No doubt about it, shoes are a girl’s best friend. Even though it’s totally okay for guys to have obsessions with shoes, girls tend to do so a lot more. I’m sure all of you love to fill up your shoe cabinets with at least a dozen different kinds of high heels, sneakers, boots, flats and whatever else you can think of.

And for those of you who have a shoe obsession, I know for a fact that there’s that one pair, and you’ve been dying to own them at some point in your life.

Well, here’s several pairs of gorgeous shoes that are worth making some space for on your shoe rack.

First up are these butterfly heels

The butterfly actually looks like a real butterfly. It isn’t a real one, don’t worry, but it looks like it.

shoes 1

Source: Tumblr | the-moth-princess

Royal blue. Gorgeous.

shoes 2

Source: Your Next Shoes

These cool open-toe butterfly heels. Very chic.

shoes 3

Source: Where To Get It

Wedges with a built-in cage.

You can keep little dead animals in there. Actually, don’t, that would be cruel and send the wrong message to on-lookers.

shoes 4


Rose gold, eh?

The fad is spreading just like chickenpox.

shoes 5

Source: Tumblr | 19-9x

And lastly, we have these peachy Roshes.

To change up the pace, here are some sneakers. Specifically, these peachy Roshes with flower patterns on the swoosh and the upper heel area.

I would rock these. Would you? Would you rock any of the shoes on this list? Let us know in the comments!

shoes 6

Source: Where To Get It

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