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10 Amazing Snapchat Insults That Won’t Get You In Trouble If You Screenshot Them


Ever had an argument about which one of your friends told the teachers everything and they got you in trouble for it? Well, in 2017, that person isn’t even a person! The global champion of telling everyone everything is Snapchat.

Originally launched in September of 2011, Snapchat has taken the world by storm as one of the best means of communication among people through text messaging. It also tells everyone when you sneeze.

Jokes aside, Snapchat will tell whoever it is you do it to if you replay their snap, screenshot it or even in the more recent version, when you check their location on the Snap Map… apparently.

To celebrate the goodness and badness of Snapchat, here are some of the best insults people have sent on the social media that won’t get you in trouble if you replay or screenshot them.

1. That took an interesting turn…


2. So cool! 😎


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3. The classic one

Finding something that contains or says “trash” and comparing it to your ex. Classic. And classy!


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4. I’m gonna bet this is an older one


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5. It’s like they’re psychic or something…


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6. Ever wondered what Ed Sheeran would look like if he got gender reassignment surgery?

Here’s your answer.


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7. Prejudgemental is what they are…


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8. What kind of banana is that?

It looks so cute! Where can I get one?


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9. There’s just nothing there


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10. Don’t believe it till you try it…


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