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9 Wonderful Things That Happen When You Ditch Your Bra

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From a young age, we are taught that wearing a bra is good. Wearing a bra keeps you looking attractive, the conviction even goes to the length of ‘you look more appropriate’. Boo! The pro-bra message has been preached to women for centuries.

Little did we know that the minute you take off your bra – good things start to happen. You might be in for a surprise.

Wearing a bra does more harm than good – it does nothing to reduce back pain and weakens the muscles that hold up the breasts, resulting in greater breast sagging, Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science expert from the University of Besançon, France, reported after a 15-year study.

Here you have 9 amazing things that will happen as soon as you stop wearing a bra.

1. Improve the shape of your breasts

Not wearing a bra isn’t what causes your breasts to sag, surprisingly. In fact, a French study has proven that wearing a bra will cause your breasts to lose their shape over time. To keep them looking round and perky, it’s best to just let them do their thing!

2. Get a better night’s sleep



It’s been known for some time that sleeping with your bra on is not something scientists approve of. Rumors have spread that this causes breast cancer in some cases, but that’s highly unlikely. Furthermore, even if you don’t wear a bra at night, your undergarment might still be impacting your circadian rhythms, as demonstrated by a study, and keeping you from getting a full night’s sleep.

Sleep or a cute, lacy bra? Um, sleep, please. Sleep definitely wins.

3. Boost your circulation

The study mentioned above briefly covers the effects of clothing (especially tighter clothing) on bodily circulation. We’ll save you the skimming – frequently wearing tight clothing, especially bras, is not good for your circulation.

All that tightness and squeezing around your chest slows your circulation by compressing your blood vessels. This has proved to create cardiovascular issues down the road. Your favorite push-up is just not worth that.

4. Improve your breast health


Source:BuzzFeed Blue

The same French study that proved going bra-less improves perkiness has also proven that, on the whole, bras are not fatally bad for your health. Basically, they’re not going to cause breast cancer all on their own; there are many genetic and environmental factors at play when it comes to breast cancer.

However, your health will be improved in other ways if you don’t wear a bra! Besides improving blood flow, sweat and dirt no longer get trapped against the skin by the bra. This makes infections, rashes, and acne less likely on your breasts.

This is especially true is you wear bras that don’t fit quite right. Bras that don’t have the right fit, or have painful underwire, are going to cause shortness of breath, chest pains, and all sorts of discomfort. You COULD skip the step of finding an appropriately fitting bra and just not wear one at all, just sayin’.

5. Save some ca$h

LBR, bras are expensive! Especially those nice, comfy, stylish ones – the prettier, the higher the quality – the pricier. No matter how much you spend, consider that money saved is money earned.

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