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Amazon Just Put Out A Voice Activated Hands-Free Selfie Camera


People will tell you that the selfie was only invented a few years ago. But as it turns out, it’s been around since forever.

Of course, there’s the regular selfie as taken with the front-facing camera on a mobile device, or there’s the mirror selfie taken with the conventional rear camera in front of the mirror. The trouble is, while these mirror selfies are normally taken by people who want to show off their nice body or a new fashion item that they recently picked up, it looks a bit… how do I put this… unprofessional.

What if you want to make it seem like someone is taking a photo of you when it’s actually a selfie? Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Amazon’s Echo Look!

selfie 1

And no friends, this is not a makeup look that will make you look like a cylindrical music player controlled by artificial intelligence. Since you regular, beloved readers are used to seeing the word “look” next to the word “makeup”, I felt the need to point that out.

Anyways, this recently launched device has just been released with a pretty significant price of $199.99. It’s powered by the same Alexa personal assistant found in Amazon’s equivalent Echo and Echo dot. All it takes is for you to stand in front of the device, pose and say “Alexa, take a picture”. Alexa takes the picture and it appears on the Echo app for your smartphone for you to share on whatever social media app you want.

Unfortunately, the Echo Look is only available through Amazon’s special invitation system, so I guess you’ll have to wait until it’s available for everyone. Still, it’s a cool idea and I personally think that it will take off, and with a large demographic too.

Will you buy an Echo Look? Let us know in the comments!


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