Amber Heard’s Met Gala Headband Was Actually A $32 Homemade Product

The annual Met Gala event 2018 was held just a few days ago, more specifically this Monday night, with the theme of the Gala being: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. As always, celebrities appeared with their most creative looks and ideas, and this year’s edition was simply ethereal.

The American actress, Amber Heard, showed up to Met Gala looking, well, gorgeous.

What was striking about her look is that one of the special details of her outfit was totally affordable. We’re talking about Heard’s headband. The headband is said to have cost $32 and was made of plastic hand-painted zip ties.

The first to notice the headband was a Twitter user named Sarah McGonagall who immediately took to Twitter to share her exciting news.


McGonagall’s tweet on Amber Heard’s handmade slash affordable slash iconic headband went viral quickly, and this led the headband designer to respond to all claims:

Apparently, the creator of the headband, Megan Bishop, runs a Seattle shop – Apatico. She says to have been contacted by Amber’s stylist Emily Dawn Long, and that the stylist was the one who purchased the headband for Heard.

Bishop says that she found “this entire thing amazing.” 


“I’ve been making these crowns for so many years and people are excited that they have the same crown as Amber Heard. I love it.”



Apatico’s website describes the headband as follows: “inspired by classic images of the Virgin Mary in Catholic art and imagery and Dia De Los Muertos, angels, saints.” It’s apparently called “the Mary Crown.” The website also made sure to acknowledge the fact that the “crown is made of plastic zip ties (cable ties). It is not made of metal. Please be aware of this before purchasing.”

There’s a lady who’s sure, all that glitters is gold… And that lady was probably me, before realizing that the “gold” in Amber’s headband is actually paint on plastic. Pretty cool Amber.


Source: Huffingtonpost