True Love: Amy Duggar Wants To Adopt All 13 ‘House Of Horrors’ Children

A victim of domestic abuse herself, reality TV personality Amy Duggar wants to do good in the world – and she just said she wants to adopt the 13 children who were recently rescued from the ‘California House of Horrors.’

The children’s parents, 57-year-old David Turpin and his wife Louise, 49, were accused of torturing, chaining and starving their children in their very home. A very long jail time awaits them if they end up found guilty. (Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the two proclaimed themselves innocent.)

After the scandal, it was announced that the 13 children will be split up – the seven adults will go to an assisted living facility, while the six kids will have foster homes.

And Amy Duggar is offering to adopt them all. The 31-year-old was always the least conventional of the Duggar clan, which seems to hold true even when it comes to starting a family. She married Dillon King two years ago, but so far no pregnancy has been announced.

Amy Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting made her abuse public last year.


Amy tweeted her intention to adopt the children and right the wrongs from the “California House of Horrors.”


She didn’t hold herself back when it came to judging the parents. They’re pretty evil, no doubts about that.


The 13 children will be split up, with the kids going to foster homes, and the adults to facilities of assisted living.


Mother Louise Turpin, 49, pleaded ‘not guilty’ on over 40 accounts of domestic abuse.


Daddy David Turpin, 57, didn’t lag behind his wife, pleading innocent on all accounts as well.


The ‘parents from hell’ are accused of chaining their children, starving them and torturing them.


Here’s a short video of court proceedings:

A sad event, that’s for sure. We wish the kids all the best, and who knows – maybe it will be Amy who will help them live a better life.

Amy Duggar and husband Dillon are offering their ‘true love.’


See more of Amy’s story here:

Source: dailymail