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Angry Birds Jelly Pudding

Angry birds pudding mini cakes

Admit it: you have played Angry Birds at least once in your life!

Well, it’s no wonder. Angry Birds is the most downloaded freemium game of all time: only until 2015 it had been downloaded an extraordinary three million times! It has been called “the largest mobile app success the world has seen”.

The popularity of the funny little birds and pigs is so big that it has spawned an unbelievable number of tributes, merchandase, paraphernalia, books, two feature films, and now… a pudding recipe!


Gris from My Little Cakes has done a wonderful job of recreating both the birds and the pigs with some various-colored jelly, graham cracker crumbs, and some cream cheese. Do not worry – the decorating part is a piece of… jelly?


At the end, all you will need is a baking mold and in a matter of minutes your birds will be ready to be eaten or thrown at the bad little green pigs.

Source:My Little Cakes

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