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You Probably Haven’t Seen These 10 Animals In Baby Form Before, Or At All


It seems that everyone nowadays looks at a baby animal and goes “Awww, he’s so cute”. We all know that the animals who tend to make us say that phrase are the likes of kittens, puppies, chicks and a few others.

But, there are some animals out there that you might have never seen in their baby form before. These ones stood out, and I personally think they’re just as cute as any kitten playing with a yarn ball you’ve seen racking a million views on YouTube.

From a baby fennec fox to a baby eastern quoll, these animals might look a bit strange, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be the first time you’ll encounter them in your life for some of you reading this.

Either way, here are 10 animals in their baby form that you may not have encountered before.

1. Baby fennec fox

10 Аnimal Babies You Haven't Encountered Before

His ears are so big, he can probably hear you whispering bad stuff about him.

2. Baby Dumbo octopus


You would never expect an octopus to look cute, now would you?

3. Baby axolotl

#3 Baby Axolotl

This little guy has a strange name, and it kinda looks like a character from a Disney movie with corals growing out of its head. He’s still kinda cute. though.

4. Baby pangolin

#4 Baby Pangolin

More interesting than cute, this one.

5. Baby quoll

#5 Baby Quoll

A mouse-like creature. I had never heard of these things before, but they look so cute when they’re babies. They literally fit in the palm of your hand!

6. Baby tapir

#6 Baby Tapir

7. Baby elephant shrew

#7 Baby Elephant Shrew

Just look at this little guy’s tongue! And his face when he’s yawning!

8. Southern Pudu fawn

Tiny Baby Deer

This is like the baby version of that llama that looked like Taylor Lautner, if you remember that meme.

9. Fluffy Honduran white bat

#9 Fluffy Honduran White Bat Baby

These creatures really remind me of a really tiny pig with a yellow nose. Not in a bad way, though.

10. And finally, this orphaned baby eastern quoll


Which one of these animals did you find the cutest/most interesting? Let us know in the comments below!


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