Animals Photographed Spending Some Quality Time Together

Animals Photographed Spending Some Quality Time Together


Animals have their own circles of friends too and they often gather to spend some quality time together.

Personally, I cannot imagine my life without my cat. She is such a tame and deep soul and I am pretty sure she has an instinctual understanding of the family dynamics and her place in it. We all love her so much, it makes me cry just thinking about it.

She once gave birth to 7 little kitties and it was the first time that we saw her react to and socialize with her kind. Animals are adorable when they are together.

You start noticing patterns of the animal world. As soon as their instincts started to sharpen, our cat would playfully fight them so they can learn their defense skills and learn how to hunt!

At night, they would all flock into a pile of soft fur and purr well into the night. Now they are safe and close with other families, yet I always remember the bliss that I felt seeing them spending time together. Same goes for my best friend’s dogs. Seems like animals want to spend time cuddling with other animals, not just their humans!

1. I would imagine that this is a boxer mom with her little hon’. Fast forward, you can see her little hon’ being a grown up beauty in the second photo.

animals 1

2. This is such a hilarious evidence to the passage of time! “Wait till I grow up, William! We’ll see who’s who then!”

animals 2.

3. Aaah, cats! Cats love looking through windows. I wonder what they look at? Birds maybe? Neighbor cats?

animals 3.

Whatever it is that they are looking, they are surely adamant to see what will happen!

4. Remember my best friend’s dogs? Well, she has a female and a male lab who had kids of their own, but now we want a chocolate lab too!

animals 4.

I sure know that she will be trying to have this family portrait in the future!

5. Animals who have been together since they were babies are friends for life!

animals 5.

And I cannot with this picture!

6. Those beautiful eyes at the beginning and those wise eyes now that have seen it all! And had their friend by their side all along!

animals 6.

7. These couch potatoes are literally to die for! I know for sure that their humans are not allowed to watch tv with these two!

animals 7.

8. Where there is love, size and shape don’t matter! I wonder if the dog eats its veggies?

animals 8.

9. Two cats lying together is probably the most heart-warming thing that will happen to you in your life! I’ve had a stripes tomcat as well in the past! I miss him!

animals 9.

10. This is all that cats wanna do, really! They can sleep up to 14 hours a day. Especially when they are accompanied by other cats. It’s as strong as the gravitational pull! It works on their humans too!

animals 10.

11. Remember, friends and family are everything!

animals 33

If you have any similar memories locked in your heart and you want to share them for the world to burst from happiness too, feel free to share them in the comments!


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