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Meet Anna Tsushikima, A Japanese Adult Movie Star With A Twist


Meet Anna Tsushikima, a Japanese adult movie star with a twist.


She’s mixed Russian, American and Japanese. But don’t grab your phones and accoutrement bottles just yet, because there’s another twist. An interesting one, too.


You might think she’s very attractive and at this point you really don’t have to hide the fact that you’re considering searching up this name later.

But hold your horses, there’s one more twist you don’t know about.


You see, what these images may not show you is that, Anna is actually a transgender. A transgender that hasn’t made the full transformation yet.


So while she may look attractive in these photos…


It’s up to you whether or not you want to watch the adult movies that she stars in, as she, or rather, as he may not be to everyone’s taste.


He/she is a very popular movie star in Japan, and due to her unique qualities, she has been able to rise to a lot of popularity and attention.

Japan really is a unique country, isn’t it? Aside from people like this, there are plenty of other really cool, strange or just plain bizarre things about this amazing country, full of culture and sights to see. Check out this post for some more info. Or how about this one year old girl that is best friends with her giant poodle?

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