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Her Husband Gives Her The Best Surprise For Their Anniversary


Couple surprises are the best. They’re so meaningful and you just know that there will be a lot of happiness. To celebrate their 30 years of marriage, Rick and Stacey decide to do something different for they anniversary.

But, Rick had a whole other plan in his head. He wanted to surprise her with something that she would never forget. Don’t worry, the whole phenomenal event is caught on video.

anniversary 1

All that Stacey knew was that they were going to a romantic night out on the town. Once she stepped outside the hotel, she didn’t see her husband so she knew something was a little bit off. She had no clue that Rick had enlisted the help of their closest family and friends.

anniversary 2

Everyone was at the ceremony not only for their anniversary but for their wedding vow renewal that would take place right there. Stacey was overcome with emotion as a flash mob forms around her, leading her down the street.

A special thank you goes to the folks at Flash Mob America who made all of this possible, dancers and singers perform at the event. Finally, Rick steps out from the crowd and gets down on his knees asking for another 30 years of marriage.

anniversary 3

I totally lost it when their daughter performs a song written just for them. But it’s not over yet, Rick unveils one final surprise. Watch the video until the end by clicking down below. Love it!


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