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For Their Anniversary, Husband Decides To Give Her A Huge Surprise


Rick and Stacey have been married for 30 years and to celebrate their anniversary, Rick decided to surprise her so she would never forget the special night. The result, I have to say is phenomenal and don’t worry because everything is caught on camera.

What Stacey knew all the time was that the two were going on a romantic night out, but when she walks out of the hotel and doesn’t see her husband, she knew something was up. Who would’ve thought that Rick had enlisted the help and attendance of their closest family and friends?

They gathered not only for their anniversary but for their wedding vow renewal ceremony that took place right there and then. Stacey is full of confusion and emotions as a flash mob forms around her, leading her to the street.

anniversary 1

There were also dancers and singers who performed around the surprised wife and mother. Finally, Rick makes his way out of the crowd and gets down one knee and asks her for another 30 years of her hand in marriage. A special thanks go to the folks at Flash Mob America who made everything possible.

In the end, their daughter appears and performs a special song written for her parents. Stacey is smiling ear to ear and letting go some tears every now and then. But, you have to wait until the end because Rick has another surprise.

anniversary 2

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Video credit: Flash Mob America / Website / Twitter @FlashMobAmerica


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