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This Ex-Anorexia Patient Has Made A Full Recovery And Looks Amazing!


Annalise Mishler was suffering from an eating disorder, she was seriously underweight and doctors told her that she was hours away from dying. But those days are past her now, and now on her road to recovery, she is looking better than ever!

The fitness and life coach said it’s not just her appearance that’s changed, she said her biggest transformation is on the inside.

60 lbs –> 110 lbs. for once i will spare you the long, feelsy caption because this photo can speak for itself. 🖤 #transformationtuesday

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She was originally diagnosed with anorexia, but after a few years she was diagnosed with ARFID, meaning Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.

She explained to Life & Style Magazine: “[It’s] different from anorexia in the sense that the restriction doesn’t stem from a desire to lose weight and body dysmorphia isn’t present. My particular case stemmed from a sexual abuse that left me anxious and experiencing sensory problems that were very present whenever I would eat. I didn’t like the feeling of being ‘full,’ which I now know was linked to my assault.”


This is what she looked like when her anorexia was at its worst

As you can see, not the best physique.


Annalise has been able to work through her demons, with the help of ACUTE, a center in Denver, for people with eating disorders.

She said: “If you’re suffering with an eating disorder, you need help. You need a therapist, a dietitian, and probably a psychiatrist – a team of people who can advocate for you and help you with every single step of the way. Absolutely one of the hugest misconceptions is that people with eating disorders are vain, doing it for attention, or obsessed with their appearances. I can say with 100% surety that people I met in eating disorder treatment are the best, brightest, most empathetic people I have ever been around… It’s a REAL mental disease, not a ‘diet’… these are all illnesses that one does not choose.”

Amazing and amazingly inspirational.


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