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She Wasted Away To 40 Pounds But Her Husband Never Left Her Side


At the age of 37, Rachel Farrokh weighted as much as a large five year old. She suffered from a severe form of Anorexia that’s known as Anorexia Nervosa. That whittled her her 5’7” frame down to a mere 40 pounds.

Her fragile state forced hospitals and treatment centers to turn her down from the liability she caused since she was running out of options. Rachel also said, “because they were so worried about my body, that my body wasn’t responding to any of the treatment. Because they didn’t understand that the brain had to come along with the body.”


Rod, her husband decided that he just had to do something, he quit his job to care for her. He stayed with her night and day encouraging and loving the woman he married years ago.


But still, it just wasn’t enough. Rachel needed immediate medical attention even though she refused doctors for months. Miraculously, they heard about a specialist that might be able to help. But there were only a few specialists in the nation that could help and they were extremely expensive.

They decided to take the case to the social network community with a heartfelt post by writing: “Anything, absolutely anything will help.”


Luckily, when the internet community realized the sincerity of Rachel’s request, they responded in an awesome way. Enough funds were raised for Rachel to get the treatment she needed so much.

It was a miracle!


During the specialist treatment, that included both bodily and mental issues in a way she never experienced before, her recovery has been miraculous. Her husband’s unrelenting encouragement is an example!


She has taken her newfound strength to the public theater, raising awareness about Anorexia Nervosa and other eating disorders.


The couple believes that they will soon “fly high again!”


The video right down below was posted by Rachel in the midst of her fight and shows power and reminds us to be thankful and always seek to help. Check it out below and spread her story of triumph with people who actually need it.

Source:Rachael’s Road to Recovery, Rachael’s Road to Recovery

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