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Another 13 Wrong Number Texts With Hilarious Responses


Hooray, the long awaited sequel is here! No, it’s not the next Game of Thrones book. It’s not the new Star Wars either. It’s the sequel to the funny wrong number texts. I know, I can hardly believe it myself! If you haven’t checked that one out yet (what are you waiting for?!), here’s the cliff note version: people sending text messages to the wrong number. But you could’ve deduced that from the title… No, no, that’s not all! Don’t go thinking, “So what if they did? I don’t care. Everyone has dialed a wrong number at some point.” Yes, most people probably have, but these guys got an answering text from the wrong number, and the resulting conversations are slightly embarrassing, a teensy bit cringeworthy, often take unexpected turns, but most importantly, they are always hilarious.

Here’s 13 fine examples, compiled by Auntyacid.

1. Oh my, Jessica, what big eyes you have! And what a big mustache!


2. When you want to troll someone, and end up trolled yourself


3. Looks like Hannah was meant to go into medicine…


4. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed…


5. Maybe this could work out after all


6. Not cool, person-whose-texts-are-on-the-left. Not cool at all…


7. How did this person find Buzz Lightyear’s number?! That’s awesome!


8. But you made your mother happy, so that’s something


9. I’ll be your Queen. All shall love me and despair!



10. You know you probably hurt that guy’s feelings with your reaction…


11. Poor person… Looks like they won’t be getting a phone after all…



12. This is how Brian and Jake became best friends and lived happily ever after


13. Did you mean Smeagol? And where are you shipping them to?


So, have you ever gotten a hilarious text by mistake? Or ever sent something really embarrassing to a complete stranger? Tell us in the comments!

Source: auntyacid

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