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This Is How You Answer Your Next Test Question When You Have No Idea What The Answer Is


You have probably started a test having no idea how to answer the questions at least once. Your feelings are mixed and you don’t know if you want to laugh or just cry your soul out. But still, you should try to write at least something. A creative answer can get some points maybe. Down below there are some images shared by shareably, that will show you how to navigate any test without giving up. Enjoy!

If you don’t know the answer, you can kill them with kindness. This tactic worked for this kid.

test 1

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Protect your grade from being marked down.

test 2

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Another thing you can do is take the question literally, and offer an answer as obvious as the question.

test 3

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Try approaching the question from a different angle. See?

test 4

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Common sense beats technical knowledge.

test 5

When you have a tricky question like this, look to a higher power for help.

test 6

You have to consider the basics before overthinking scenarios.

test 7


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Speak for your beliefs.

test 8

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Knowing how to draw is key. Diagrams are just an illusion.

test 9
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Make sure to always trust your instincts.

test 10

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

test 11

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Don’t get caught on what words represent. Just keep it simple.

test 12

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A little creativity can help you find the answer you need.

test 13

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Never let a question scare you.

test 14


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Always make sense.

test 15

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And sometimes you will have to admit defeat. But that’s okay. You can’t solve every problem in the world.

test 16
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Hopefully these tricks will help you on your next test. Just let your creativity flow.

From: shareably

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