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5 Easy Spring Hairstyles For Shaking Off The Winter Lethargy


The sunshine is here and it is time to shake your tail feather and shake off the winter laziness and lethargy in every sense, including your hairstyle! Meet the wondrous season that is spring heads on with these five easy hairstyles that are ideal for the lightness and new beginnings spring symbolizes, brought to you by the popular Luxy Hair channel.

Luxy Hair is the go-to place for the best easy, cute and quick hair tutorials. At their channel you will everything from simple everyday hairstyles to wedding and prom do’s, from in-a-hurry last-minute hairstyles to light hairstyles for spring and summer, and much more!

1. The Messy Bun

lethargy 1

2. The Dutch Braids

lethargy 2

3. The Lazy Curls

lethargy 3

4. The Edgy Hat Look

lethargy 4

5. The Romantic Low Ponytail

lethargy 5

This tutorial is delivered by the lovely Elanna Pecherle who often shares her know-how with Luxy Hair. She describes herself as a Canadian who loves everything beauty-related and has a popular Youtube tutorial channel in her own right. If you like what she’s done in this video, make sure to subscribe to ellepearls channel or to her social media platforms, where she takes suggestions from her fans on what kind of video she should do next.

Source:Luxy Hair

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