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Artist Illustrates His Struggles With Anxiety And Depression In Amusing Comics


There’s absolutely nothing funny about depression or anxiety. However, laughter, as the old adage goes, is the best medicine and some sufferers find humor to be a good way of dealing with the daily struggles brought upon them by of anxiety and depression. A 21-year-old finance student and artist going by the moniker GeorgeDrawz is one of those people. He is a student and an internal auditor that loves drawing and expressing himself and his emotions through art who describes himself as “a self-taught artist and advanced procrastinator”.

George started sharing his comics with the world to see, as a way of venting his frustration from heartbreaks and letdowns. Remember that anxiety and depression affect everyone differently. These comics are a way for the artist to channel his feelings and emotions, and they serve him as a coping mechanism. The 21-year-old says that he loves the fact that his art helps people around the world that are going through difficult times.

He states: “Soon enough I started getting many encouraging and lovely messages from different people from all around the world. People just like me, with different but somehow similar stories. So from there, I figured that I can use my art as a way to show people that are going through difficult times, that they aren’t alone and that you should always try to take a laugh and see things from the brighter side.

All in all, if you’re dealing with something right now, I hope that my art makes you smile, even if it’s just for a bit.”

Here are some of the incredibly smart and humorous yet startling comics, courtesy of Bored Panda. And, if you want to see more of George’s life presented through his original art, follow the Instagram link below.

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1. “Can someone take me out?”


2. Will, where you at?


3. What’s on your mind?


4. Relationship goals


5. Being single


6. *record scratch, freeze frame*


7. Wishlist


8. Spaghetti-regretti


9. A new, totally relatable take on the old Keanu Reeves classic


10. Watch me


11. Night night


12. Where’s the pizza?


13. Payday expectations


14. Best party ever!


15. Gotta a sec?


16. C.u.t.e


17. But now…


18. Relationships


Source: boredpanda

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