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Apple Fires Employee Over Daughter’s YouTube Video Showing The iPhone X

Apple Fires Employee Over Daughter’s YouTube Video Showing The iPhone X

It is only understandable that a giant multinational technology company like Apple would be notoriously private. If a tech company announces a product. that doesn’t mean the employees are free to share, or talk about it before release. However, people sometimes make mistakes and forget where they work. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Brook Peterson’s dad, an Apple engineer who worked on the iPhone X.


Earlier last week, Brook visited her dad at work and they were having lunch at the Apple cafeteria. There she made a hands-on video of the highly-anticipated super-flagship iPhone X and posted the video on YouTube. What she did not expect was the video to go viral and be trending on the YouTube trending page. Soon after this Apple fired her dad.


The girl took down the video as soon as Apple demanded it, saying she respects the company. Unfortunately, Brooke took down the video a little bit to late, which led to endless reposts and commentary.


Brooke Peterson has since released another video explaining what happened, saying that her dad made an innocent mistake. She added: “At the end of the day when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.”

She also explained:
“I’m not mad at Apple. I had no idea this was a violation. My dad takes absolutely full responsibility for the one rule that he broke. We’re not angry, we’re not bitter. My dad appreciates that company for everything they did for his career.”

You can watch the full video below:

Source: Brooke Amelia Peterson

With tears on her face she ends the video saying : “Hate on me but don’t hate on my father because he is the best person I’ve ever known’, adding “please leave my dad alone”.

Brook uploaded the original video on YouTube in September, showing her dad using the iPhone X Apple Pay feature he helped design. Even though the video has been taken down by her, other YouTubers still managed to re-uploaded it to YouTube.  The outcome isn’t going to change here, there is a still a preview of the phone floating around the world wide web.


Meanwhile, Apple is facing other problems.  They’ve just released a third dedicated bug fix, in the form of yet another iOS update which is causing iPhone users problems. Instead of fixing the problems the iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2 were causing, they’ve just released something new that is just as bad. Users are reporting that the dominant themes for iOS 11.0.3 upgrades are poor performance and heavily degraded battery life.

It is a joke this is by far the worst iOS ever 11.0.3 dosent fix anything

— chuck anthoine (@Canthoine4) October 11, 2017

Here is a video of an iOS engineer called Felix Krause who has brought the attention to  ‘a privacy loophole that can be abused by iOS apps‘, and the results of his findings are pretty horrifying for anyone who looks at memes all day long

Maybe Apple should to respect their users privacy, and not just ask for its employees to respect theirs.

Source: unilad

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