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10 Apple IOS 10 Features That Didn’t Exist Before


It has been exactly six months since the iOS 10 was released on the 13th of September, 2016. A successor to iOS 9, it is the tenth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc.

To celebrate its first half year, we’ve identified ten crucial improvements this version has over its predecessors.

1. Built-in images in messages


You may want to delete all of your GIF keyboard apps because you can now search for an animated image directly within the Messages app.

2. Selective read receipts


Now you can decide and control your read receipts on a contact to contact basis.

3. Auto-download albums added to Apple Music directly


Now you have all your music on the go immediately.

4. Pause and control downloads


You can now prioritize your installations through this feature.

5. 3D touch control center


You can now use 3D Touch on the bottom row of app icons to invoke different actions.

6. Define replaced by Look Up


In iOS 10 ‘Define’ has become ‘Look Up’ and instead of seeing just the definition, you are now presented with various searches across the App Store, Apple Music, websites or Wikipedia.

7. Share notes together


Now you can easily share your notes with your friends and co-workers.

8. Take pictures while listening to music


Now you can listen to music and take a picture at the same time.

9. Clear all notifications


Now you can clear all notifications with one touch!

10. Car parked message


If you have a car equipped with CarPlay or a more standard Bluetooth system, you will notice as an alert on your iPhone as you turn off and exit your car. The Parked Car alert will plot in Apple Maps where your car is.

Source: sarcasmlol, kosip

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