Colossus Of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II Has Just Been Discovered By Archaeologists


Archaeologists are touting this discovery as one of the most important ever, and when you take a look at what they have found, it’s easy to see why.

Colossus Of Egyptian Leader Ramses II Has Just Been Discovered By Archaeologists 1

They have found a colossus statue buried in Cairo ground water, which is claimed to be of pharaoh Ramses II, who ruled Egypt well over 3000 years ago.

‘Last Tuesday they called me to announce the big discovery of a colossus of a king, most probably Ramses II, made out of quartzite,’ said the Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani at the site of the statue’s unveiling.

This statue was found near the ruins of Ramses II’s temple, which is located in the ancient city of Heliopolis, located in the Cairo Governorate region of Egypt. The fact that it was found in this locale makes the prospect of it being a statue of Ramses II even more likely.

Colossus Of Egyptian Leader Ramses II Has Just Been Discovered By Archaeologists 2

Ramses II was known by his successors as ‘The Great Ancestor’, and he was a very successful leader in his time. He led several military expeditions and expanded the Egyptian Empire from Syria in the east to Nubia in the south.

He was the third member of the Nineteenth Egyptian Dynasty, and he ruled from 1279 to 1213 BC.

Along with the statue of Ramses II, the bust of King Seti II carved in limestone was found with fine facial features.


‘We found the bust of the statue and the lower part of the head and now we removed the head and we found the crown and the right ear and a fragment of the right eye,’ Anani said.

Dietrich Raue, head of the Egyptian-German archaeological team, said:

“The sun god created the world in Heliopolis, in Matariya. That means everything had to be built here. Statues, temples, obelisks, everything.”

These findings will be restored and displayed at the Grand Egyptian Museum.


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