Ariana Grande’s Impression Of Jennifer Lawrence Is Absolutely Spot On

Ariana Grande's Impression Of Jennifer Lawrence Is Absolutely Spot On

One common thing that seems to always happen in the celebrity world is that there’s always a celebrity or two that do an amazing impression of another celebrity. You may not have thought of it before, but when you remember, it’s true; there’s always one celebrity that appears on a talk show and they always nail an impression of another celebrity.

For those of you who haven’t seen such a spectacle, you need to check out Ariana Grande doing an impression of Jennifer Lawrence, along with a few others.


Before the 23-year-old singer was doing charity concerts, last year, she caused quite a stir in the media with her donut licking scandal, but she also went оn to absolutely nail impersonations of Rihanna (specifically singing her “Work” megahit), as well as a Whitney Houston impression that was equally as impressive.


And then, the one you all came to see: her JLaw impression. And… while the impression is definitely spot-on, it’s unfortunately disappointing because it only lasts like 4 seconds!


Not only is the impersonation tha bomb, but she also disses Jennifer Lawrence’s so-called “quirky casual vibe” by saying “They told me not to do a game show but I was like ‘screw it’ I can have fun I’m a regular person”.

Do you think Ari’s impression is spot on? Let us know in the comments!

Source: HollywoodLife
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