If You Have This Arm Tendon You Should Immediately Know What It Means


Evolution is a mysterious thing.  A prime spot for evolutionary proof? In our very own bodies. So many of our internal and external features are simply traits carried down from our ancestors before us. Some of them have essentially no use to us anymore, now that most people are no longer scavenging for food or roaming like nomads from place to place.


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For example, getting goosebumps isn’t just a random phenomenon. Goosebumps were a means of expanding the surface area to keep warm when our mammal ancestors got cold.

But we can still see modern mammals that revert to this biological instinct when it’s chilly outside. Expanding it’s feathers to keep it warm, you have probably seen a pigeon all puffed up on a cold winter’s day. If animals feel threatened, you can still notice their fur poof out.


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A big throwback to evolution is found in our arms. To be specific, in our tendons. There is actually a tendon that 10 – 15% of our human population has evolved out of. This tendon is attached to an ancient muscle called the palmaris longus, which was primarily used by tree-dwelling apes to help them move from branch to branch. Evolution is a slow-going process, so almost 90% of humans still have this useless trait carried down from our monkey ancestors. This is so cool and unexpected.

If you want to see if you have the tendon we are talking about, lay your forearm down on a table and palm up. Touch your pinky thumb and lift your hand a little bit to the surface. To know if you have it, you will see a raised band in the middle of your wrist. Wow.

And if you don’t have it, that means you are evolving.


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Is your mind blown yet?

What do you think of these cool evolutionary facts? Do you have this arm tendon or not? I know it is too much to take in, but make sure to share it with your friends and family. Enjoy the video below:

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