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Everyone’s Going Crazy About Armpit Tattoos


It’s no secret that people put tattoos on all areas of their bodies, even the ones they shouldn’t… There’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo, particularly if it has some kind of symbolic or unique meaning to you, but how would you feel about getting a tattoo on your armpits?

Check out this flower!

This obviously means that you’re gonna have to keep clean shaven.

Everyone's Going Crazy About Armpit Tattoos 1

Source: Instagram | @sachamadewithlove

This one is more partially into the armpit, if you will

As it starts in the upper arm but progresses into the pit.

Everyone's Going Crazy About Armpit Tattoos 2

Source: Instagram | @marianrivers_tattoo

Okay, this is actually amazing

The great thing about armpit tattoos is that you can get a big one and it can remain concealed under your armpit.


Source: Instagram | @sachamadewithlove

Look at this amazing, intricate Indian design

Perfectly completes this girl’s sleeve.


Source: Instagram | @hannehanges

These orange and blue blooms add a colorful element for pretty pits.

Pretty pits exist now.


Source: Instagram | @jordynoshtims

Amazing vivid purple and green flowers

As you can tell, flowers seem to be the main theme of these arm pit tattoos.


Source: Instagram | @scherptagram

Look at these mushrooms!


Source: Instagram | @sergiobodo

This is good for those who want to keep in the Halloween spirit all year around


Source: Instagram | @krektattoo

Would you get a tattoo like this? Share your thoughts on armpit tattoos in the comments below!


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