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Artist Brilliantly Photoshops Disney Princesses Into Celebrities


Disney princesses have a great influence on girl’s lives from the moment they were born until they grow up. Disney production has given us numerous classics that we watch even today. It has also produced new ones which excite the new generations every year. Disney produced a vast number of female characters that capture our hearts with their life-affirming struggles.

Have you imagined what these beautiful women form Disney would look like if they were put in the real world, in person? Andhika Muksin, an artist, has made that possible with his imagination and work. He photoshops Disney princesses and puts them in the real world as celebrities. These paparazzo-themed pictures are both funny and so realistic at the same time.

Look at Pocahontas and Snow White dancing at Coachella


Ariel and Eric walk around town


When the DJ plays Aurora’s favorite song


They just showed up to the club


Belle really owns the red carpet at Met Gala


Cinderella and Prince Charming may be officially dating


Princesses are not the only elements this artist captured. He also worked on the princes, including the following snaps depicting Eric and Phillip having a grand old time together.

You’ve got to love this bromance


Hanging out


I love my bro


You cannot have any fun without a good old cartoon villain


This remarkable effort from this Instagram artist is totally worth looking at. He managed to combine his great imagination with wit and humor to satisfy the general audience. He also went a bit deeper into the Disney characters, imagining what they would do if they were celebrities in the real world, put into believable world scenarios.


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