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Artist Sums Up Divorce In 7 Simple, But Sad Pictures


Being in a happy marriage is a blessing, but sometimes, things get complicated and the marriage has to end for the sake of everyone’s well-being. Divorce is sometimes the most difficult and turbulent part of people’s lives, but unless you’ve experienced it first-hand, it’s hard to visualize exactly what’s going on. That’s why an artist by the pen-name of ‘Mac’ illustrated what divorce looks like and how it affects the whole family in comic pictures. Whenever children are involved, the process usually gets harder and more complicated.

The comic is simple, yet saddening, and it will probably give you the feels. While it’s true that every family deals with divorce differently, many Internet users identified with these pictures strongly. “This should be required reading before having children,” one even wrote.

BoredPanda made a collection of users’ comments on these comics. Here are the comics and their aftermath.

1. It all starts with a happy family with two beautiful children.

Standing together strong and holding hands against the world.


2. Oh, wait, here comes a beautiful lady.

‘And, no, that’s not our mom, dad! Don’t look over there!’


3. Daddy’s gone! He’s in love with another woman.

The children are all puzzled.


4. Now the family is shocked and tries to put itself together, coping with the new situation.


5. Kids are scared, while mommy is certainly heartbroken.

And there’s a new kid in the family as well.


6. So many mixed feelings, and here comes another man.

And it’s not the daddy.


7. Kids are left shocked and they’re the only ones left behind.


Some people related to the comic strongly.


Others, however, had a different story to tell.


Here‘s a magazine chart to help you see how long your marriage will last.

Source: Boredpanda

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