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Bristol Artist Makes Heartwarming Illustrations That Prove Love Is In The Small Things


Love is often times romanticised in an unreal way, but true love is actually in small things. This is the motto of the Bristol-based comic artist Phillipa Rice, whose wildly popular web comic turned into a book called Soppy. Phillippa mostly makes comics bu also spends a lot of time making animations and illustrations too. This multi-talented artist creates simple but powerful comics about the everyday joys of living with someone you truly love. The Soppy book is the illustrated love-story of Phillippa and her real-life boyfriend, True love isn’t about romantic gestures, but mostly it’s about sharing a life with someone, or sympathizing with someone whose coffee has gone cold.

Rice forgets about hearts and roses, and illustrates the routine stuff instead, which also show the everyday ways we show love to each other.  From our morning routines like hugs and snuggles to kissing good night, your heart will melt at these illustrations.

1. Love is in the simple things like spending a blissful morning in the kitchen


2. And you can spend time in the same room doing totally different stuff.


3. When you hug each other accidentally while sleeping.


4. Mundane tasks are so much fun when you do them with your loved one!


5. Shopping for food is exciting, too.


6. It means putting everything aside just to hug.


7. The biggest dilemma is often what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner…


8. Even if you’re feeling a bit blue, there’s always someone that will hold your hand tight.


9. Even this seems romantic.


10. Happiness is when both of you read in bed after an exceptionally tiring day.


11. Building IKEA furniture is like playing with LEGO when it’s just the two of you.


12. Sometimes, you have to ask hard questions, like these.


13. Cooking together often becomes the most challenging and the most fun task.


14. When even the smallest problems matter to your loved one.


15. Having those long talks in bed about everything and anything.



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