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This Artist’s Photoshop Skills Are So Good, You’d Think It’s A Real Photo


When it comes to photo-editing software, one thing comes to mind almost immediately: Photoshop.

Agreeably one of the most pirated pieces of software ever conceived, it’s hard to believe that the commercial release of Photoshop was put on sale more than 27 years ago. Time really does fly.

As long as you have the right skill, you can create some truly amazing things using Photoshop, and perhaps a Wacom tablet nearby, and Viktoria Solidarnyh is proof of this.

She’s a Ukranian artist that has completely, 100% mastered the art of photo manipulation. To show what we mean, here are some examples of works she’s done in the past, both in their final form and in “deconstructed form”, where all the images that were used to make the final product are shown.

1. This little girl petting a bear looks like something straight out of a live-action fairytale remake

Artist's Photoshop Skills Real Photo

2. This castle resting on a giant turtle in the ocean is… I genuinely have no comment. It’s just incredible

And just look at all the images that were used to create this single image!


3. Using nothing more than a model, a crow, some jewelry and some flowers, we have a character straight out of a story about a kingdom


5. An angel stood on a lilypad

You know someone’s Photoshop skills are good when they have literally changed the woman on the original image’s hairstyle


6. From what I can fathom, the dress here has actually been made from scratch. Amazing!


7. A slightly darker tone for this one, but still achingly cool


8. Getting Princess Jasmine vibes from this one


9. Elsa, eat your heart out


10. This one is giving me Harley Quinn vibes for some reason


11. I especially like how the dress has been so well customized in editing, you can’t tell it’s the same one from the original photo


12. The moon kinda looks like it’s cheese, but this is still a very very cool photo, like the other ones


13. So gorgeous


14. Fruityland!

No, seriously, look, the sign says “Fruityland”


15. This one is one we all recognize


Seriously cool stuff. Would you like to have Photoshop skills this good? Did you like this lady’s Photoshop work? Let us know in the comments!


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