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Artist Recreates Kim Kardashian’s Outfits, Proving There Are A Few Steps To Perfection


It seems like celebrities really know how to influence our social lives and outfits, but sometimes, this goes just out of control. And in case you missed the newest Kardashian trend to go out braless and showing just everything, here is your chance. Although Kim does astonish her fans almost all the time, her fans or better said enemies can surprise her as well. Actress and painting artist Agne Jagelaviciute, from Kaunas, in Vilnius, Lithuania, decided to do a silly experiment. She tries to replicate Kim’s extraordinary outfits, and the results are more than hilarious!

36-year-old American socialite Kim Kardashian has a strange taste in fashion, sometimes using simple clothing that only brings more and more attention to the media. Agne decided to do this strange experiment and “creative joke” in two ways. First, she took the photos without any additional measures like makeup. The second way was taking the photos with the same outfit, but adding some additional accessories and makeup. Additionally, she also chose suitable lighting and picked the best shots. Then, she slightly edited the shots with “minimal slimming” app used by street photographers, and that was pretty much all.

She realized that there are only a few practical steps form the bad look to the finest result. These included a well-lit room, good foundation or some fine editing on the computer. Then, life immediately becomes easier. The actress stresses the importance of our personalities that are beyond our outfits. She also thanks Kim as her inspiration, and “Adidas” as well, as it is a timeless brand when s god stylist comes in hands.

1. Kim Kardashian’s somewhat casual outfit

Image credits: Flynet Pictures

Agne’s outfit replication without the editing

Same outfit replication after few additional steps

2. Kim Kardashian’s night-out outfit

Image credits: kimkardashian

Here is Agne’s basic version, without editing.

The same outfit replication with some more thought added into it looks so different!

3. Kim Kardashian’s straight-out-of-gym outfit

Image credits: splashnews

Here is Agne’s hilarious replication

And the edited one as well…

Source: boredpanda

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