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Artist Recreates Childhood Disney Animals As Humans

Childhood Disney Animals As Humans

What’s one thing that made everyone’s childhood better? That’s right, Disney! They’ve taught us everything, starting from being kind to ignoring witches. Disney has had a long journey since their start but their classics are still shown to children even these days. Did I say children? I meant like, all people, in general. Because I watched Snow White yesterday, and you know how old that movie is? That movie, my good people turns 80 this year. EIGHTY.

And you know how Disney is packed with animals. They represent the people we see on a daily basis. But if you take these Disney animals and make them look like they were people the result would be astonishing.

That is exactly what Alaina Bastian did. She’s a young artist from Provo, Utah, who was always fascinated with Disney animations. So she acted on the “what if they were human” subject and created perfection. Check it out below.

1. This winking scene gets me every time.


2. Look how perfect this one is, the colors, the scene, everything!


3. It’s totally Simba and Nala.


4. Baloo still looks like the best friend a guy could ever have.


5. Computer animated features are also included. This one from Bolt looks so amazing I wish it was a real movie.


6. Oliver plays a big part in my childhood and the kid is a spot on representation of the little cat. And Dodger’s sassiness!


7. The perfect people to be your friends if you’re stuck in a jungle since birth!


8. They look even crazier humanized, I never liked them.


9. Another Simba, but this time with more face paint. Looks good though.


10. Kovu, the green-eyed lion that followed Scar.


11.  Another one from The  Jungle Book. Look how she captured Bagira’s class!


12. Another interpretation of The Aristocats but this time with a black Thomas O’Malley. Art has infinite possibilities!


13. This one is my personal favorite, i really love this version.


14. Zazu still getting no respect!


15. Why the long face?


16. She also did a reverse attempt, transforming Elsa into a white dog.


Source:Tumblr / pugletto, Alaina Bastian

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