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Talented Artist’s Sketches Come To Life With Digital Enhancements, And They Look Stunning


Artists nowadays seem to get a lot of recognition on social media, and rightfully so, because those that do get noticed always seem to have some unique technique that sets them apart. It could be either spinning abstract art, or making three-dimensional drawings that when viewed from a certain angle look like they’re real things. But this artist is unique on a new level.

Visoth Kakvei is an artist from Cambodia that freehands sketches and amazing drawings entirely in black and white, and the thing that sets him apart is that he then takes his art and digitally enhances it and gives it a whole new and amazing life.

The 27-year-old has since then amassed nearly 1 million followers on Instagram, and one look at his drawings makes it easy to understand.

Source: Instagram | @visothkakvei

All his pieces take three to six hours to freehand

And then they’re digitally enhanced making them that much more beautiful.

This particular screenshot comes from a video of this drawing, although the animation was made by a different person.

Source: Instagram | @visothkakvei

Here’s another example of his work


Source: Instagram | @visothkakvei

As you may have gathered by now

Visoth likes to focus mostly on nature inspired themes, like flowers and trees.

Source: Instagram | @visothkakvei

His skills and style are amazing

And every time I look at one of his works, I seriously wish I had better drawing skills. Like, seriously, the furthest I go is a stick figure.

Source: Instagram | @visothkakvei

What do you think of this talented Cambodian artist’s work? Let us know in the comments and visit his Instagram profile for some more pieces!

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