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Ashley Cole Leaves A Message To Cheryl After She Gives Birth


Congratulations to the famous singer Cheryl Cole who just gave birth to her first baby with boy band member, Liam Payne. The 33-year-old pop star welcomed her firstborn on Wednesday 22 March and announced that she and Liam are so happy and overwhelmed with their baby boy.

While emotions are no doubt at the high end of the happy scale, Cheryl’s former husband contributed to the feelings of love inspired by the birth of the child.

The pair divorced back in 2010 amid claims of infidelity on Ashley Cole’s part. However, a source says:

“Ashley wished Cheryl and Liam only happiness in their future. He told Cheryl how lucky her son is to have her and he always knew she’d make an amazing mum.”

This message made Cheryl shed some tears and she admitted that it felt like closure for their relationship.


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Just last February, Cole became a new parent too by welcoming a baby boy with his girlfriend Sharon Canu. She definitely reminded him what’s more important in his life. So we’re just pointing out the restorative power a newborn baby can bring to families and loved ones – past and present.


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