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This Is How Ashley Graham’s Swimsuit Line Looks On Real Women


Ashley Graham is not just a supermodel, she started a revolution letting everyone know that beauty stands beyond what your pant size says. She has collaborated with Swimsuits For All to create bathing suits for women in size 4 and up, and this is so inspiring.

Ashley exploded onto the scene when she first landed on a spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine last year. The spotlight was shared with UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey and Hailey Clauson.


Source: Instagram | @theashleygraham

And since then, she has been on the cover of some major magazines. Graham has been also very vocal about the importance of showing more than just one body type in the media.


Source: Instagram | @theashleygraham

She also fought for body inclusivity with a hashtag, #BeautyBeyondSize. If you just go through the hashtag, you can see many women writing awesome captions about accepting their  body size.


Source: Instagram | @theashleygraham

And why not continue the revolution by creating clothes for women of all sizes? And that’s exactly what Ashley did. She teamed up with Swimsuits for All to create bathing suits for size 4 and up.


Source: Instagram | @theashleygraham

Already the line is a hit since women of all sizes have been posting pictures wearing the bathing suits. See how everyone looks glowing in this pic.


Source: Instagram | @theashleygraham

Ayesha is more than proud to show off what her body looks like in a Valiente swimsuit from the collection.


Source: Instagram | @ayeshapi

Rachel also proves that one-piece bathing suit sometimes might be sexier than bikinis. I am actually obsessed with the keyhole cut-out and the side cut-outs, so sexy!


Source: Instagram | @lovelyinla

Marchel’le is literally a beach goddess. This funky print bikini is giving me life!


Source: Instagram | @thecurveslayer

We can see Britney modeling the Heroina Leopard bikini from the collection. I bet Tyra Banks would be really proud of that H2T modeling right here.


Source: Instagram | @swimsuitsforall

Sheri expressed her gratitude to the model for helping her accept her body by writing:

“Feeling so comfortable in my skin and all my perfect imperfections Thank you to #ashleygraham for the blueprint to accepting me and feeling amazing.”


Source: Instagram | @sherifat1217

If you are interested on rocking some of these killer bathing suits, you can purchase them on the Swimsuits for All website. Some of them are on sale too!


Source: Instagram | @swimsuitsforall

If you have any piece from the collection and want to share the picture, use the hashtag #ashleygrahamxswimsuitsforall.


Source: Instagram | @swimsuitsforall

By doing this, you might be lucky to be featured on the @swimsuitsforall account. And not only that, Ashley has been posting pictures of people wearing her swimsuits too.


Source: Instagram | @theashleygraham

How cool is it that the brand has been super inclusive by featuring all sizes, ethnicities and ages? This is exactly what we needed.


Source: Instagram | @swimsuitsforall

From the pictures you can see that these women refuse to be ashamed of their bodies and they’re more than proud to show off their beautiful shape in these swimsuits.


Source: Instagram | @swimsuitsforall

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