ASOS Praised For Making A Small Change To Their Swimwear Model Policy



ASOS has decided to stop photoshopping out all the stretchmarks on their models in a great step to promote body confidence. And this means that when you scroll through their collection of swimwear and lingerie, when you come across any shots with a bum on and you’ll actually see what nature intended.


This shouldn’t even be a big deal in this day and age, but unfortunately in the world of advertising and selling clothes, “imperfections” are still airbrushed before they reach costumers.

ASOS has a policy which means that they will not “artificially” adjust photographs of their models to change their appearance. The Twittersphere applauded them for it by tweeting:


The spokesperson for the brand, confirmed to The Huffington Post that the stretch marks were the model’s own and that they only retouch clothing and products in it’s photos. That involves adjusting the color.

It might be just a small thing, but it could go a long way towards promoting normal and healthy body images. We truly hope other fashion retailers will soon follow this idea.

Great work ASOS!

Source: unilad

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