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9 Common Problems That Can Be Solved… With Aspirin!

With Aspirin

The active ingredient in aspirin, known as salicylic acid has been popular for a very long time for its potent medicinal properties. Its main use is as an anti-inflammatory, but this substance has also been used to treat heart disease and stop blood clots popping up!

These well-known uses are wonderful – but aspirin can actually do so much more for your home, body and overall quality of life….

Let your plants thrive


If you add one crushed up aspirin pill to your plants’ water, they will live longer and they won’t wither prematurely!

Get rid of dandruff


Using a spoon or a pestle and mortar, crush two aspirins until you reach an ultra-fine consistency. Mix this in with your daily amount of shampoo and let it dissolve for a few minutes. When the powder is mixed in, wash your hair like you would any other day.

This seemingly strange combination can actually get rid of dandruff and prevent it from coming back in the future!

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