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Astonishing Differences: Same People Photographed As Young Adults And As 100-Year-Olds


The process of aging is the most natural thing on Earth, but when people age and we are able to look at the difference in their appearance, we are mostly astonished and surprised.
Jan Langer is a Czech photographer, born in 1978 in Opava, who works in Prague as a free-lance photographer and specializes in documentary and portrait photography. This artist was inspired to capture the drastic changes and consequences of aging, saying: “For the youth of the world, they never expect to get old…but it slowly sneaks up on everyone. For the old, it’s often hard to remember just what it was to be youthful. This captivating series puts the effect of aging front and center, showing images of elderly people and then a quick sweep back to their youth in the same pose.”

After his idea, the Czech website Aktuálně.cz published a set of comparative photos by Jan Langer from his aging project titled ‘Faces of Century’. These photographs show people in the prime of their youth (the 20s or 30s) contrasted with their pictures from seven or eight decades later. Surprisingly, a dozen Czech centenarians made it to their hundredth birthdays and even more, so they show the striking similarities and differences between appearance and physiognomy.

You can take a look at the portraits below:

1. Marie Burešová, 23 Years Old (Wedding), 101 Years Old


2. Antonín Kovář, 25 Years Old (Bandmaster Of His Own Band), 102 Years Old


3. Vlasta Čížková, 23 Years Old (Finished High School), 101 Years Old


4. Marie Fejfarová, Her Personal History Was Burnt; On The Right 101 Years Old


5. Antonín Baldrman, 17 Years Old (Skilled Locksmith), 101 Years Old


6. Prokop Vejdělek, 22 Years Old (Oath Of Enlistment), 101 Years Old


7. Anna Pochobradská, Around 30 Years Old, 100 Years Old


8. Vincenc Jetelina, 30 Years Old (Finished His House), 105 Years Old


9. Bedřiška Köhlerová, 26 Years Old (Wedding), 103 Years Old


10. Ludmila Vysloužilová, 23 Years Old (Gift For Her Fiancé), 101 Years Old


11. Stanislav Spáčil, 17 Years Old (Skilled Electrician), 102 Years Old


12. Anna Vašinová, 22 Years Old (After Wedding), 102 Years Old


13. Ludvík Chybík, 20 Years Old (Skilled Confectioner), 102 Years Old


Watch the video below to see how time leaves its unmistakable mark on youth.

Source:Jan Langer

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