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The Astonishing Wedding Tradition of This Family Will Make you Emotional

Watching the wedding tradition of this family will make you a bit emotional


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You might have heard of the tradition when a bride wears her mother’s wedding dress on the most special day of her life, right? It sounds like a good idea if you want to sparkle on the day. However, this story is about the Kingston family which took this tradition to a whole new level. The family has been passing along the very same wedding gown since 1895, a dress that has been worn by 11 brides so far!

Abby Kingston was the lucky 11th bride who proudly wore the Victorian-style dress of her great-great-grandmother Mary, for her wedding the previous year. The dress passed along to every generation after Mary finally, coming to the hands of Abby.

Initially the dress was worn in 1895 but the second time it was worn was years later in 1946, by the great-grandma Jane. And from that time on, the tradition took off: it was worn again in 1948, 1960, 1976, 1977, 1982, 1986, 1989, and 1991. And here we have the great-great-grandchild Abby, faithful to the family tradition who decided to be the next bride wearing the exact ancient gown (so emotional!)


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It goes without saying that Abby’s mother who wore the gown in 1977 was thrilled by her daughter’s decision to wear it for her wedding.

“Every mother wants their daughter to wear the wedding dress she wore,” Abby’s mom told Insider Edition. “It was a dream come true for Abby and for me – and for all the other brides before her!”

However, the 120-years-old dress, as you may guess wasn’t in the best shape. But, Abby and her mother decided to ‘fix’ this problem by bringing the dress to designer Deborah Lopresti to modernize it.

This task proved a challenge for Lopresti, as recovering of the dress took an unbelievable 200 hours of work. The gown was taken apart, with everything restitched and then put back together! However, the hard work was worth it! After the touch of Lopresti inevitably the dress came out looking as good as new!

The dress was ready and waiting to be worn for the 11th time! Abby, proudly put on the new-old dress connecting her with her 10 ancestors that wore it before her also on their very special days!

“There are so many women before you that have had that feeling of love and that excitement on their wedding day,” Abby told Insider Edition. “I just am so excited to put on the dress and feel that same feeling.”

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Take a look at the video below and see the beautiful transformation of this ancient dress chat carries the history of the females in the family for decades! You might decide to wear your mom’s gown and be an example for the next generations in your family! 😉


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