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AstroFreks Are Freckle Tattoos Inspired By Your Astrological Sign


This world today, am I right? SO MANY different types of makeup available, however it’s not always a thrill to have to put it on, again, for another long day. Fortunately, women have already been blessed with the technique of permanent makeup. The cosmetic tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, women more often choose the procedures like micro blading for eyebrows, permanent eyeliner and most recently freckle tattoos. They choose these cosmetic tattoos for different aesthetic reasons. For instance, a woman who lost the eyebrows due to age or a disease would choose this procedure and she would feel more confident wearing artificial eyebrows. And for all those freckles lovers out there, here is some amazing news. If you weren’t that lucky to be born with the blessing of the freckles, no need for whining no more. You are offered the opportunity to have permanent freckles inked on your skin. And don’t worry they will look as natural as the real ones.
The new tattoo studio that is updating these tattoos is creating a new trend called “AstroFrecks”.


The regular tattoos are becoming more accepted every day, and the world itself now is more open to accepting who you are. The taboo about tattoos and permanent makeup is in the past. The fields of modeling and clothing brands are finally hiring models with a range of body types. It feels that Photoshop is used less and less. The world is rapidly changing at last.

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If you are someone who was born with freckles, you were probably teased as you were growing up. All of those super pure and clean faces on the TV didn’t help either.  You believed that someday the world will discover something to erase them. How about now? You realize that they have just been a blessing to you and nothing more. Today, more and more young individuals desire to have been born with freckles. They are finally embracing them!

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Some people without freckles have even started stenciling them in or pursuing freckles tattoos. Great new trend. Plus it is permanent and looks natural. Jessica Knapik, an innovative and creative tattoo artist, has taken this trend to another level.  She has created a new trend called “AstroFrecks”.

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You would think that this tattoo is as easy as it gets. But, instead inking random dots on the area, she chooses to actually make a map of your astrological sign. What an amazing idea. Especially, for those who are both fans of freckles, constellations, and astrological signs.

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Jessica has inked the Virgo constellation on this client. She inks only the stars and not over tattooing the connecting lines. This is so cool. You will not only have freckles but a secret constellation of your astrological sign.

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